Some homeowners have taken on the task of cleaning their own windows, but the benefits of hiring a professional are more significant than you may think.  Although hiring a professional to wash your windows may cost more than your sweat equity, but when you take into account the advantages to hiring a pro you will realize it is worth the minimal investment.  Below is a list of some of the benefits to hiring an experienced professional to wash your windows.


  • Better results
    • A professional window cleaning company is most likely going to leave your windows looking much better than you expected.  Most homeowners are more than capable of cleaning their own windows, but given the experience, equipment, and professional cleaning solutions, you will see why a professional window cleaning company produces better results than most homeowners.
  • Extend the life of your windows
    • The routine cleaning of your windows can protect and extend the life of your windows.  Over time, your windows will gather dust, dirt, oxidation, and other corrosive substances.  Regularly cleaning your windows will help remove contaminants, such as: acid rain, hard minerals, and mildew.  The key factor is to remove these contaminants before they cause permanent damage, like the effects of oxidization.
  • Saves homeowners time
    • Juggling all the balls that life throws at us can seem daunting to say the least.  Most of us try to figure out how we can spend more time doing the things that we enjoy, rather than spending our precious time washing windows.  Most homeowners can do the job, but what may take you all weekend, will take our team of professionals just a few hours.  The professional team at M. Annis has the experience to effectively and efficiently wash your windows, so you can spend your time doing the things you love.  With over 80 years of experience caring for Greater Boston’s fine homes, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service that you can trust.
  • Affordable option
    • Hiring a professional window cleaning company is probably not less expensive as doing the job yourself, but there are several other factors to consider when doing a price comparison.  If you consider the amount of money spent on professional staff, ladders, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and equipment, it is easier to understand the cost for the professional service.  Looking at the cost of your time, plus the cost of supplies and equipment, then you begin to see the real value of hiring an established company.
  • Additional services
    • Most professional window washing companies offer multiple services, which can save you time and possibly money.  M. Annis also offers the following services: gutter cleaning, pressure washing, roof washing, house washing, painting, on-site drapery cleaning, snow removal, and home repairs.  By purchasing three or more services, we offer our customers a 10% discount.  Having a company like M. Annis take care of all your home maintenance issues, provides you with a hassle free solution for all your home enhancement needs.
  • Safety
    • If your house has more than one level, then you are going to spend a lot of time on a ladder cleaning your windows.  Why not leave it to the professionals to navigate the ladder and equipment to get your windows sparkling again?  Cleaning the interior of your windows also has the added benefit of cleaning away mildew and dust from inside your home.

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