One popular myth about black stains and algae on roof shingles means that it is time for a new roof.  The presence of algae, lichen or fungus does not necessarily mean your home needs a new roof, but it does signal that your roof needs attention.  Many of our clients have contacted us about the black and green stains expanding across their roof.  The majority of roof stains are caused by algae, lichen, and/or fungus growing on your roof that can drastically decrease the life of your roof.
Gloeocapsa Magma is the type of roof algae that feeds on the inorganic materials on your roof. The granules that protect and color your roof erode over time, but with the presence of algae and lichen the integrity of your shingles is further compromised.  Shingles that are supposed to last 20 to 25 years are in some cases being replaced in 7 to 10 years.  Most likely the roof is discolored because it is being attacked by algae, moss and lichen.  Asphalt shingles are manufactured with limestone as the base material, which is what the algae feed on.  The result is a premature loss of the granules and deterioration of the shingles.  Over time, the limestone filler is loosened from the shingles causing the roof to lose its ability to reflect sun-rays, which can overheat the roof.  Black algae causes more heat to be absorbed from the sun, increasing your energy costs while you are using your air conditioning.
Moss and lichen embed into the top layer of the roof shingles and starts to spread as it eats away at the limestone.   As time passes by, moss and lichen continue to invade the spaces between the shingles causing the shingles to lift, which makes the roof more vulnerable to wind damage and leaks.  Roof moss and lichen retain water, which promotes other damaging biological growth.

If you are selling your house, then roof cleaning will greatly enhance the curb appeal.  Potential buyers see black stains and algae growing on your roof, which leads buyers to believe that the house needs a new roof.  We have had clients in the past that have had their houses sitting on the market with little or no activity because of their discolored roof.  After cleaning the roof, they started to see more activity and serious offers.  As mentioned before, the advantages to cleaning your roof are the following, but not limited to: enhances curb appeal, extends the life of your roof, and is a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

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